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  • Christa Ray

Rituals of Awakening, part 1

RITUALS OF AWAKENING…Enter the magic sphere, become one with the first Paleolithic shamans dancing and singing to open portals into realms of infinite possibilities. Know yourself here and now as an instrument through which vocal creations shift time and space in such a way that healing and wholeness can manifest. Each of us is linked to an ancient lineage and through our sounds, songs, and intuitive expression we can access the wisdom and inspiration to create and perform rituals of self-initiation—moving into the Unknown to birth a more Authentic, Fully Alive Self.

In my private practice and group work I have noticed that people come with a hunger for the sacred, for a way to work on themselves that incorporates their spiritual aspirations. Many of my individual clients have done years of talk psychotherapy and have come to a place of knowing that what is ready inside of them to be accessed, released or integrated cannot be touched through more analysis and talking. The creative use of the voice and body opens doorways beyond our experience of linear time, allowing the mind and personality to expand and enter the realm of the miraculous. I have found that integrating certain elements of ritual and ceremony rarify the container of psycho-therapeutic discovery, inviting participants to enter an “Alternate Reality,” a sacred liminal space where the life forces, and archetypal energies of the Soul can touch one and initiate healing and transformation. Introducing clients to certain ritual forms prepares them for a deeper awakening of the heart and the integration of Soul into their emotional, mental and physical bodies.

In future posts I will share some approaches to integrating ritual technology into a Voice Movement Therapy practice and discuss how ritual has been used in ancient indigenous cultures, in the field of Jungian psychology and as a container for artistic exploration with the intention of self-initiation.

Artwork by Florance O'Neal

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