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“Love is revealed when you let go of all resistance to the Truth of your existence and release your true Essential Nature into expression.”

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“Anyone can sing.
What is harder, is to proclaim the soul,
to initiate a wild and necessary deepening:
to give the voice broad, sonorous wings
of solitude, grief, and celebration,
to fill the body with the echoes of voices
lost long ago ...”

William Ayot

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You may be going through "evolutionary stress," a quickening in consciousness that is bringing up past traumas, a painful transition, letting go of outmoded ways of being, a longing for more intimacy, a deep feeling that something essential is missing in your life, your relationships, or in your sense of self. I can support you in discovering and transforming what is holding you back from confidently embodying the Song of your Soul--your true purpose.

I work with individuals and groups by holding a sacred space of Presence and empathically attuning to what arises in the body and consciousness. In this meeting in Loving-Kind Presence, painful, traumatic or hidden content often arises to be seen, heard, held, expressed, transmuted and integrated. This can take the form of working with healing breath rhythms, sounding-movement journeys, singing, energy work, guided self-inquiry, trauma resolution techniques (Brainspotting), voice dialogue and other expressive arts and meditation forms that strengthen your resource in Being.
All of the psycho-spiritual-somatic methods I use are grounded in 20-30 years of practice and a dedication to the journey of the Soul and its longing to be fully and freely expressed in a purposeful relationship to Life in all forms.

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In 1996 I became one of a handful of practitioners in the USA of Voice Movement Therapy (VMT), a relatively new expressive arts therapy developed by Paul Newham. I work with individuals and groups applying the foundational methodology of VMT to open and expand the vocal channel through various centers of the body to increase the freedom of the voice, it's timbres (or qualities, colors), its coherence, authenticity and its power.

Voicework is a powerful, compassionate healing modality for releasing trauma into song and to integrate and celebrate our passage through wounding to greater wholeness.  As we heal our past, and give voice to the parts of self that have been silenced, repressed and judged, our voice reflects more of the full spectrum colors of our Divinely-Human Being.  Our voice can begin to be an instrument for coherent, transparent communication and for higher frequencies of healing and  consciousness in ourselves and others. As an intuitive, kinesthetic empath I can help you meet  the parts of yourself stored in the body waiting to be brought into existence and into authentic expression. I also apply the revolutionary  therapy of BRAINSPOTTING to unwind performance anxiety issues, release creative blocks and expand creative and artistic potential.

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My work as a spiritual guide is based in the approach that our suffering is the doorway to our liberation, and learning kindness toward our humanness opens our hearts to the deep mystery of Being. My first awakening out of the dream of full identification with body, mind and emotion happened at age 24. Through months of spiritual discipline, particularly yogic breath work and chanting the sacred mantra OM with focused intention and body awareness, a Cosmic Force descended and blew open my heart, and my subtle energetic system stripping me of my fear- based separative self. This was just the beginning of a long journey of transcendence, transformation and integration of the What I AM into the human Who I am. This journey doesn’t end as long as we have a body! In fact, the embodiment of our higher consciousness requires that we meet the unmet traumas, disowned parts of self and karmic imprints both personal and ancestral.  I offer regular World Peace Meditations, teach mindful awareness somatic practices, integrate Brainspotting therapy to support spiritual expansion and grounding and give initiations in yogic breathing techniques and sacred sound healing and chanting practices.

We come into existence as a Divine-Human through the unconditional loving presence of someone who can meet the Truth of our Being in the field of Oneness.

Sessions are offered in person and online  on a donation basis.



As an energetic sound healer for over 30 years, my voice, hands and heart are attuned to universal forces of healing and harmony. I hold your intention for healing in a vast field of spaciousness in which your innate healing intelligence is supported in unwinding trauma, clearing stuck/stagnant energies, reorganizing, relaxing and restoring your body-mind-spirit to harmony, joy, and peace.
This sacred energy work serves to balance masculine and feminine energies, clear and balance your chakras, accelerate physical healing, balance the endocrine system, turn on connections in your brain and clear limiting beliefs, call back parts of your Soul Essence into your physical and emotional bodies and to activate the genetic codes of Light in your cells.

Together we are on a journey to hold parts of the self that have been hidden, judged, feared, repressed, shamed, etc and bring them into the compassionate embrace of Truth.

In these sessions I will use my singing/toning voice to both help move energy and call in divine healing energies. Sometimes I encourage clients to use sound to resonate with parts of the body and my voice supports that work. I may also work with your breath through Somato Respiratory Integration, medicinal essential oils, sacred instruments (Tibetan bowls, bells, drum, rattle, flute and more), song, harmonic overtones, Reflexology, Access Bars and Reiki.


840 Delphi Dr., Lafayette CO 80026


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