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What My Clients Are Saying

Testimonials: Testimonials

“When I went to see Christa, I had experienced several early miscarriages and I wanted to heal some of the extreme sadness I felt every month around bleeding time. During the session, I was able to explore and experience my different voices and how they express different ranges of emotions, from animal instinctive cries to angelic harmonies. By moving my body and making sounds, I opened up channels and I ended up finding a ‘song’ inside. I felt very supported and some powerful emotional release happened. I felt empowered to be my own healer, as long as I was willing to reach inside. In the song I called my unborn child. I sang to him my sadness and my dreams for him. I was able to communicate with who I understand is the soul that wants to join our family, when ‘the time is right’. I no longer feel the pressure of time or the pain of missing someone I love. I know all is One and there is only Now. My song was a celebration that we are already together.”

Josephine Gross

Misty Woodland

"Last night was such a gift.  your singing has provided my body-mind with exactly what it needed to metabolize what was challenging it and immediately created a sense of ease, connection and awareness.  beautiful!"

Asa Ben Hur

 "I'll always be grateful for what I learned from you 20 years ago. You changed my life at the time and it stuck. It's been an amazing time of mothering and non-profit work, both of which called for me to have a voice, where there was none before I met you. I shudder at the thought of where I would be if I had never met you. You helped me so much. I am eternally grateful. Love you!"

Racheal Gately

"The workshop was such an amazing experience. I want to thank you for the offering you made to all of us at the end of class - to sing our soul song. It was so amazing to receive the song you brought forth for me and to be a part of everyone else's songs. Thank you for that amazing gift. (Amazing seems to be the only word I can find right now to describe the experience :))."

Stephanie Kroner

Testimonials: Testimonials
Misty Woodland

“Learning how to sound out and feel my power as one complete Being has been one of the most healing experiences I've encountered on my journey through life. Christa’s abilities to guide one through the depths of their Beings using her knowledge of sound, breath and movement are wonderful.”

Renee Angelovic

"I had my first embodied voice session with Christa today. I found the session not only to be grounding and freeing but also enlightening as Christa's gentle guidance offered a safe environment and skillful structure for my voice to heal and release in areas I couldn't even have imagined. I was so impressed that I gifted myself an 8 session package to continue this journey to heal the childhood trauma imprinted in my voice. I am deeply grateful."

Shanti Medina
Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader, Kirtan Singer

"One weekend of exploring sound and voice with Christa Ray was equivalent to 20 years of talk therapy and embodied work. I sang myself into existence and claimed my power as a whole person. In the Master Class, she helped me to release and honor a lifetime of shame and grief. Now I’m making empowered decisions, feeling more satisfied in my relationships and knowing that my voice is my own medicine.
I praise her gentle and intuitive presence as much as her skills as a voice and movement therapist, and healer." 


on the Embodied Voice experience

Testimonials: Testimonials
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